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No EE screening of TTT for Mechtild....

Boo hoo! No TTT for me tonight.

If you read my post last week, you'll know I've been terribly excited about seeing The Two Towers in the new high-definition prints that are being shown around the country tonight. After the beautiful visual and aural detail that popped out at me watching the newly remastered FOTR last week, I was really, really, really keen to see this version of TTT -- in spite of the EE having some of my most hated moments in the film trilogy. (I had planned to deal with that by taking my bathroom break just before the worst of ithem came on.) But a big swath of bad weather has enveloped this part of the upper Midwest. Thunderstorms and heavy rains are holding sway over Minnesota today, tonight, and tomorrow. Traffic advisories are flying off the weather sites like Stukas.

Right now, up here, the driving conditions are passable. But I'd have to leave in half an hour to get there in time, if the driving becomes very slow, and the forecasts are just so forbidding. Even here in Duluth, which is on the northern edge of the system, it would be no picnic to be out driving. Towards Minneapolis, where the film is playing, the forecast is worse, and worse still in the river valleys south of the Cities, where I would need to drive tonight to sleep at my friend's. On the National Weather Service, there are flood warnings for the counties down there, hail warnings, even tornado warnings. I think it would be irresponsible of me to go, even though I am sure a heroic hobbit would dare the journey. :(

Ah, well. I will have to wait to see the newly revealed beauties of the opening scene, Treebeard's face, Shadowfax's entrance (I melt), the interior of Meduseld, the gorgeous "Arwen's Fate" sequence, Eowyn's face when Gimli tells her Aragorn fell, the arming scenes for Aragorn and Theoden, Faramir's dream sequence, the destruction of Isengaard, and the awesome cavalry charge down the hill at Helm's Deep at home, when we get our Blu-rays. (Those are just a sampling of moments I love in TTT.) I'll try to think of it as saving money. I'll lose the price of the $13.50 ticket, but save $63.00 on gas. ;)

For you who live elsewhere and are going to see TTT tonight, have a WONDERFUL time. I'm so jelaous!

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