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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

FOTR 'Directors Cut' (aka EE) - sublime

Posted on 2011.06.15 at 16:58


Jo Ann
yeuxdebleu at 2011-06-17 01:21 (UTC) (Link)
How wonderful that you're getting to see these new versions. I can believe that the experience is amazing.

Unfortunately, living the boonies of New Hampshire, events like that just don't happen anywhere near me....not even 165 miles away. :'(
mechtild at 2011-06-17 02:15 (UTC) (Link)
You know, I thought of you, Yeuxdebleu, when I was driving to the Cities. I was wondering if the films were showing in your state at all. I knew you lived in the boonies, loving the scenery but pining for a fast internet connection. Going by FOTR, they really are beautiful prints of the films. But if you get the Blu-ray discs you may get to see some of the clarity we're seeing. That is, if you've got all the home theatre stuff to make use of it. We didn't, but I dug into savings to upgrade our electronics JUST TO WATCH THE EE's, in Blu-ray. Pathetic.

I thought I'd be sick of the films by now. In fact I rarely watch them, partly because I don't feel the same need, but also so I won't be sick of them. As I sat in the theatre Tuesday evening waiting for the movie to start, tired from the trip and getting there way too early, I was thinking, "I'm not going to bother to drive down next week for TTT." But after the film started, it was so beautiful I could no longer entertain the idea of missing all my favourite parts of TTT on the big screen with such abundance of depth and detail. Ha ha on me!
Jo Ann
yeuxdebleu at 2011-06-17 02:34 (UTC) (Link)
How nice of you to think of me. The nearest place the new versions of LOTR will be shown is Boston...4-1/2 hours away. *sigh*

I hadn't watched any of the three films for a couple of years, but about three months ago, I watched all three EEs and the bonus material in a week. It was really nice to see them again.

As for my Internet, on July 7th I will have had Broadband for two years. I'm finally out of the dark world of dial-up and into the light. There is still no cable or DSL here, but we broke down and got satellite Internet. Although it's not as fast as cable, it's a world of difference from dial-up. The only problem is heavy cloud cover or heavy rain. When that happens, our dish can't see the satellite. But it doesn't happen often and is a very small price to pay to be rid of dial-up.

A New Hampshire based company is in the process of installing wireless Internet for people here now as fast as they can. It offers download speeds of 5MB or 10MB. And their 10MB is $30/month cheaper than we pay for 1.5 - 2MB with satellite. We plan to switch to that later this summer. There have been some bugs and we want to give them time to work them out.

Now if we could just get cell phone service. I don't know if that can ever happen though because we are completely surrounded by mountains.

But suffice to say, I'm a much happier camper now that I was two years ago.
mechtild at 2011-06-17 02:44 (UTC) (Link)
Whoa! Wireless internet is a-comin'? That's awesome. The price is good, too. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!, that it's sooner rather than later. :)

Yes, 4/12 hours is too far. I'd go that far for other things, the LOTR Symphony, or the concert-to-film performances -- assuming I had the money and free time to do such things, but not a screening of a movie, even LOTR.
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