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FOTR 'Directors Cut' (aka EE) - sublime

Dear friends,

I just wanted to say I drove the 165 miles to Minneapolis yesterday (that's 165 miles each way, folks) to see the new remastered print of the EE of FOTR. It was sublime. The quality of of the print, even the sound, was better than ever, truly exceptional. The audience in the big theatre was small (150?) but appreciative in a quiet, keenly attentive way. Not to mention there were no hassles finding a good seat. Just my kind of viewing experience.

I can't wait to drive down there again next week, and the next (for TTT and ROTK), in spite of the distance and high gas bill. Luckily I have a friend who is putting me up each Tuesday night of the films. She lives 60 miles on the other side of Minneapolis, making the return drive that much longer the next day, but I think I'd crash the car if I had to drive all the way home afterwards. Im not young. :)

The other nice thing about seeing the film at this screening is that the audience was there to see the movie, not party. The two trilogy screenings I've been to (never again) have been more like large-scale TV parties at a frat house. Not what I want to drive 165 miles each way to experience. The theatre I went to was the one to which I drove to see the EE's of FOTR and TTT, and the opening of ROTK (on Dec. 18, 2003 -- can it have been that long ago???).

Check your areas to see if there is a screening a reasonable distance away from you, if you missed FOTR. These prints are worth it. FOTR was absolutely beautiful, and the quality of the second and third films is supposed to be even better (because the filmmakers could spend more money making them, not because FOTR was a lesser film).

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