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Smile - AWWW....Havens

Where art thou, Spring?

Posted on 2011.04.16 at 09:44


mechtild at 2011-04-16 21:00 (UTC) (Link)
Hi, Maeglian! Thanks for telling me who you were. I was wondering, "who is Gilli Ann?" I am glad you're out there, still having fun on LJ. :)

It actually *was* beginning to feel springish here. We had days of 50-something (Farenheit) a week ago. The snow had all melted, people were raking the road sand and debris out of their yards, home stores were starting to brush up the gardening departments. The tops of the dutch iris have emerged and I've seen a few crocus. No one is putting anything in pots, of course. The local advice is always, "don't plant anything tender until after Mother's Day" (always the second Sunday in May here). This snow is the last gasp of winter, I hope. Already the snow out there is melting. The sun's trying to come out but it's risen to 42. Wherever the snow has melted, the grass is full of birds looking for bugs and worms. I put out some seed on the shoveled sidewalk when it was covered, earlier, but I don't think seed-eating birds are back from migration yet (which makes sense). I had almost no birds dining off the seeds, although they were pecking away all over the yard. Squirrels were happy to eat it, however. :)
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