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'Goblet of Fire' NOT worth viewing at some Omnimax theatres


Greetings, LJ friends! I just thought I'd pop in to warn you:

Do not go to see Goblet of Fire (or any "regular" film) at an Omnimax theatre without checking what sort it is first.

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~Scenes we would liked to have seen Saturday night from The Goblet of Fire.

Remember how I was gushing last month over how sensational it was to see the TE's of all the LotR films at an Omnimax in Indianapolis? (They are playing there in conjunction with the LotR museum exhibit.) Well, I am here to tell you that not all Omnimax theatres are the same.

We went to see Goblet of Fire this weekend in my native northern Minnesota city by the lake. We had a choice of seeing it at the "regular theatres" at the local shopping centre ("Boooo!") or at the town's Omnimax ("Yeaaah!"). I have never been to our local Omnimax before. Had I done, I would NOT have chosen to see a regular-format film there.

Unlike the Omnimax in Indiana, which had a huge slightly curved screen with rounded edges mounted to its front wall, our Omnimax is a "dome" theatre. Its screen is shaped like a dome set into the roof which extends down the front wall, sort of like a planetarium's dome but shallower and off-kilter.

Even before the film started I thought, "Uh-oh. How is this going to work?" It didn't. The widescreen film we came to see was projected onto the dome over our heads. From where we sat (middlish, a little to the side), the picture was completely distorted. The sides of the image just faded into nothing.

Needless to say, since what we could see of the film really did look splendid, we are going back to see it again on a normal (if small) screen at the local multiplex.


This is just to let the rest of you know to CHECK before you go to an Omnimax to see a regularly-formatted film. If it is a "dome" Omnimax, don't bother. It is a waste of your time and money. A normally-formatted film simply can't be enjoyed that way.

~ Mechtild
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