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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Parent Poems: Jan-u-wine's "A Hobbit's Bedtime Story", with painting by Harlamoff.

Posted on 2010.10.03 at 08:52


mechtild at 2010-10-04 14:57 (UTC) (Link)
"so ordinary, and yet so extraordinary. "

I think this is often Jan's genius, or part of it. She is able to reveal the infinite in the finite. She shows us the transcendent through the ordinary. I love religious art of the Renaissance and the Baroque. But the most moving "madonna and child" paintings, for instance, show not a regal woman swathed in royal clothes, the royal Offspring on her lap, his hand raised in benediction like a prince of this world, but a reflective village girl feeding a smiling child on her lap from a wooden bowl. The first sort of painting can be very beautiful and awe-inspiring -- I've got a copy of a Titian on my living room wall that is this sort of piece, and I love it. But the second sort of painting (mine's by Gerard David) is on the wall near my computer, where I read and write and snack and think and dream. It's almost symbollic of which vision of the Mother and Child means more to me. I think Jan's pieces are like my Gerard painting: they show what is deeply good, true and beautiful about their subject -- both the bitter and the sweet -- through that which is everyday and familiar. It's a gift. A gift of artistry, but also of perception. (I think.) :)
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