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MEFA nominations final: jan-u-wine a nominee

antane, who knows jan-u-wine's work from the LOTR Scrapbook (the "compleat" archive of her LOTR pieces), has nominated seven of Jan's poems for the MEFA competition.

The nominated poems:

1. And I Don't Mean To
2. Harthad (aka “Harthad Uluithiad” and “Bronwe Athan Harthad”)
3. Not So Easily Mended
4. Unbroken
5. Across So Wide a Sea
6. Anniversary (March 13, 1420 S.R.)
7. And Come What Sorrow Can
The first five poems have been featured here in "Mechtild". See links below to see which images went with them. The last two are viewable only at LOTR Scrapbook (individual links provided below).

Jan writes:

Thank you, Antane! Writing in the LOTR universe is such a joy to me, so it's doubly nice to be recognized with nominations for the MEFA's. Since few people would ever have read any of my work without it being featured on Mechtild's LJ, I'd also like to thank her for being such a generous friend and collaborator.

This is the first time I've been nominated for these awards, so I was a virtual stranger to the site. There's so very much to explore there, so much beautifully written prose and poetry, and so many intelligent and thought-provoking non-fiction works as well. Please, do yourself a favor and pay them a visit. Since the purpose of these works being posted is (at least in part), a competition, pay mind to the vagaries of scoring, which Mechtild has told me has more twists than Rosie's Ribbons. I'll let her explain, since I'm still trying to figure it all out.


1. About the MEFA's.

Be sure and visit the MEFA site, enjoy stories new and old, and vote for your favorites. If you aren't registered, it's easy to register at MEFA. Navigating the stories is easy, too. You can search many ways, and you can make a "Wish List", which makes note of stories you hope to read, which you can click later. Participating can be a lot of fun.

Here's MEFA's home page:

Here's a link for voting tips:

2. Note on how MEFA entries are scored (if you participate).

Votes are actually reader comments; comments are scored according to their length. This is from MEFA's info on voting and scoring:

Note that characters with diacriticals such as É, æ, and ð are not counted. This is for technical reasons. If you want them to count toward your vote length you should transliterate them (i.e., E for É, ae for æ). Spaces and anything inside [square brackets] are also not counted (also anything between quotation marks).

Each vote is then assigned a point value based on the number of characters:

1-75 characters 1 point
76-150 characters 2 points
151-300 characters 3 points
301-450 characters 4 points
451-600 characters 5 points
601-750 characters 6 points
751-850 characters 7 points
851-925 characters 8 points
926-1000 characters 9 points
More than 1000 characters 10 points

The MEFA scoring system is meant to encourage feedback, although, unfortunately, there is no way to give lenghthy feedback of a critical nature, unless your purpose is to enhance that piece's point count.

Let the voter, therefore, beware!

Go forth, read and enjoy this word-ly festival of all things Middle-earth!


Links to poems appearing in Mechtild:

~ “And I Don’t Mean To".

~ “Harthad Uluithiad” and “Bronwe Athan Harthad”.

~ "Not So Easily Mended".

~ "Unbroken".

~ “Across So Wide a Sea”.

Links to poems on LOTR Scrapbook:

Anniversary (March 13, 1420 S.R.

And Come What Sorrow Can
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