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Hobbit-appeal not universally appreciated.


Looking for a Sideshow collectible this morning, I was Googling "Bilbo Baggins bust" and ended up reading a snippet in a site called "the Frisky" that first raised my eyebrows then made me guffaw. The writer's remarks about the trilogy's hobbits perfectly illustrate how insensible some people are to the appeal of hobbits, including Frodo's.

"We are seriously disturbed that beautiful, handsome, brogue-ish James McAvoy is going to have to pull on a pair of heinous Hobbit feet to play Bilbo Baggins. And those funny little ears. Eww." And the best for last, "Playing Frodo did nothing to up Elijah Wood’s sex appeal, we remind you."

When I think of all the steaming-hot erotica the film-hobbits inspired, slash and het, and the zeal with which it's been read, I have to shake my head -- and chuckle.

Here's the whole of this [very short] article: The Daily NOTness: James McAvoy As Bilbo Baggins.

ETA: I should note that McAvoy is my own first choice for the role (out of actors whose work I already know), but think playing a hobbit hero would only enhance his appeal, not hurt it.

~ Mechtild
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