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smile - Golden cart Frodo

Jan-u-wine's "The Road Back", with illustrations (manips, paintings by Webbe and Cuyp).

Posted on 2010.01.15 at 14:04


Estë   (or ST for short)
este_tangletoes at 2010-01-15 23:25 (UTC) (Link)
Thank you, ladies.

Looking at your beautiful manips and reading Jan’s beautiful poetry has made me nostalgic.

the scent of trees
and little green grasses


the far-off voice of a stream,
twining its busy-slow way
about the grey gleam

of sleepy

Hi there! Did you just change the first picture?
mechtild at 2010-01-15 23:40 (UTC) (Link)
Hello, lass! Jan has done another ravishing job, hasn't she? What a painter she is with word images, as good as Webbe or Cuyp.

P.S. Yes, I did change the first image, the "teaser" (it's all that shows when people are scrolling down the friend's list). I thought it was more luminous and gave more of a sense of the larger poem than the dark woods.
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