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End of the Main Screencaps Project


As you who looked at last week's Galadriel's Glade post know, Pt. 5 was the last entry in the ongoing Frodo screencapping project I've been working on since 2005. I started out just sharing images I'd made to use for Frodo manips ("Frodo Art Travesties"), but the entries became the impetus for thinking further about the scenes, book and film, and, eventually, showcasing poems by jan-u-wine. It's been informative and has increased my appreciation of both book and film. Thanks again to all of you who have visited over the years of the project.

I still will make screencaps, but just to illustrate Jan's poems or my reflections. I won't be doing any more full-blown scenes. The one exception is the EE scene between Eowyn and Faramir in RotK. I screencapped that a year ago, for the sheer beauty of the scene, but never posted it because the scene didn't feature Frodo. I'll post the caps, hopefully with a new poem by Jan, in the next month or so.



After I made the Lórien screencaps, I came upon this photoshopped version of Galadriel in the Glade scene on Google. I think it's stunning. Instead of the film's blues, the maker has transformed the image using fire colours. Stars are the backdrop, or perhaps they are sparks, or both. I think it makes a superb illustration of Galadriel's temptation -- as if she's walking through fire -- strong and beautiful and eerie, a sight Frodo really might find terrible and worshipful.

The image I found is connected to i_luv_angst. I'm not registered at i_luv_angst's blog (fanpop), and unregistered people can't comment there. Thus I didn't praise him/her or ask permission to post this. However, I am hoping i_luv_angst, seeing I am lifting up the image for praise, won't mind.

i_luv_angst's Galadriel wallpaper:


Since this my "End of the Screencaps" post, I thought I'd point newer readers to pages of links I've provided to access all the screencap entries. On each page are more links, titled and provided with thumbnail images to indicate which caps are in the post. Links to these pages are kept in the sidebar, too.

Screencap tables of links:

~ FOTR screencap presentations.

~ TTT screencap presentations.

~ ROTK screencap presentations.

~ Behind-the-scenes and DVD Extras.

~ Other Frodo photos and publicity stills.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket ~ Flipper screencaps.

~ Ridiculous Thoughts screencaps.

~ Mechtild

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