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wondering wary - BREE

Galadriel’s Glade 3 ~ ‘I know what it is you saw’, plus jan-u-wine's 'Lórien Suite 3'.

Posted on 2009.06.12 at 07:58


(Anonymous) at 2009-06-13 21:55 (UTC) (Link)
Beautiful screencaps as ever, Mechtild.

Jan just 'gets' Frodo. I am always moved by her words. Your combined talents produce presentations that for me resemble exquisite little works of art ~ a real treasure for us Frodo fans. Thank you both.

I'm sure Maeglian is correct when she says that Galadriel displays Nenya in the FOTR EE.

Take care ~ Blossom.

mechtild at 2009-06-13 22:00 (UTC) (Link)
I'll have to report your comment to Jan. She'll glow.

Maeglian and you convince me: I'm just going to have to watch the dang thing again, but this time I'll try to look at someone other than Frodo. I had thought the only extended parts of Lórien that feature Galadriel were the "welcome" (some welcome!) on the flet and then the much longer gift-giving scene. Is it in one of those scenes? Otherwise I can't remember seeing Nenya except in the prologue, in the close-up of the Elven rings being worn.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, Blossom. :)
(Anonymous) at 2009-06-14 22:29 (UTC) (Link)
I just checked out the EE, Mechtild. Galadriel reveals Nenya to Frodo in the mirror scene. It's very brief, and occurs just after her 'Nuclear' moment.

Galadriel: 'I passed the test. I will diminish, and go into the West, and remain Galadriel.'
Frodo: 'I cannot do this alone.'
Galadriel: 'You are a Ring-bearer Frodo. To bear a Ring of Power is to be alone.'
Galdriel's raises her right hand, revealing Nenya to Frodo, and tells him: 'This is Nenya, the Ring of Adamant, and I am its keeper.'

We see the Ring now for only a few seconds. It was not visible in the scene up to this point. The same hand is clearly unadorned when Galadriel pours the water from the silver ewer into the mirror bowl and when she reaches
towards the Ring when Frodo offers it to her.

I've put an animated gif of Galadriel revealing Nenya here:


(If your right-click and save the gif to your pc it will play more smoothly than it does on Photobucket.)

And a few screencaps ~ from my widescreen DVD ~ here:


~ Blossom.
mechtild at 2009-06-14 23:47 (UTC) (Link)
Oooh, Blossom, I'm out of town for a few days but I will open these links (and no doubt save stuff) when I get back to my fast computer at home.

Yes, the line makes the sight of the Ring come back to me; jan-u-wine was able to tell me the precise spot, too. I think I'm going to edit my post to specify that it's the theatrical version, which is what these fullscreen caps come from (there is no fullscreen version of the EE).

Thanks so much, Blossom!!!!!!!
mechtild at 2009-06-16 20:09 (UTC) (Link)
Hi! I'm back home, just, and am on my own computer.

Good heavens, those are ravishing caps, Blossom. I saved them, as well as the magical gif. I wonder if I might post some of those caps, crediting you, of course, when I get to that part? I didn't cap the EE, and those are the most sympathetic captures of Galadriel in the the Mirror scene. I loved whatever you did to the caps, too. They're all like paintings.
(Anonymous) at 2009-06-17 22:15 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks, Mechtild.

I have just e-mailed those extra Nenya screencaps you asked for in full-size to you, just in case you see this before you see that.

~ Blossom.

mechtild at 2009-06-18 00:08 (UTC) (Link)
Oooh, thank you!
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