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Last batch from the Party Scene: Frodo reacts to Bilbo's Goodbye....

This is the last lot of caps from The Farewell Party scene, but, as you can see, I've saved the best for last. These are taken from Frodo's reactions shots, beginning with the end of Bilbo's "goodbye speech" until Bilbo slips on the Ring and disappears.

Screencaps from this sequence have always made me swoon with aesthetic and amorous pleasure, but I only had a few of them saved into my files. Now I have a whole string. Goody, goody, goody!

Frodo looks like SUCH a Baroque angel to me in these, he is beyond anything mortal. The soft lighting brings out his glow; his face looks like burnished gold. His curls for these shot look thicker and lusher and softer than ever.

And his face! Frodo's reactions in this section allow his face to move from amused expectation to startlement to awe. In registering these particular emotions, Frodo's face is drawn to arrange itself in some of its most ravishing attitudes: his eyes, already large and expressive, become even more so. They start out softly luminous, with an amused smile barely playing about his lips. But then, as Bilbo disappears, they open like windows until they are so large the smitten viewer could fall into them and never stop falling.

The mouth and jaw, no longer pursed or stretched by laughter and speech, relaxes as Frodo gazes at Bilbo. He begins with a slight smile, as if waiting in amused suspense. The pearly little teeth look sharp and slightly feral. I long to feel them nibble and bite. The lips we so often liken to the petals of flowers are soft, growing fuller until they nearly pout. Could a man's lips be that succulent-looking? That ripe and luscious? Then, as Bilbo disappears, the jaw drops, the throat relaxes and his neck looks more powerfully thick and male than ever. Have I said how that neck *stirs* me? His mouth drops opens in surprise. There is velvety darkness behind the parted lips but a tooth glistens wetly, winking as it catches the reflected light. Kept steady in a screencapture, it gleams out from between his parted lips like a small star.

What Frodo fan has not felt herself mesmerised by that dental glitter, left to wonder stupidly, "Could that be the "inner light" Tolkien was talking about...?"

(No, I don't study screencaps like a Faculty-ite. *grin*)

Frodo's reaction to Bilbo's, "Goodbye" speech and subsequent disappearance:

Click HERE for table of Frodo and Elijah Wood Screencaps.

~ Mechtild
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