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More caps from the FotR Party Scene: "Speech!"

These screencaps are from a brief clip in which Frodo yells, "Speech!" as Bilbo begins to climb up to make his farewell address....

That I should make a string of caps from this moment in the film just goes to show how besotted I am. They aren't even beautiful. Over at The Faculty at K-D, they pore over EW's non-beautiful screencaps to examine the minutiae of his acting work. I'm just poring over his facial muscles. I like to see the way the small muscles work: the little pulls and tensings, the curl of a lip, the slight flaring of a nostril. Film-Frodo's facial muscles are just that interesting to me.

These caps might come in handy for illustrating posts, too. Some of them are rather funny. I would not have thought simply pronouncing the word "speech" could produce such a nice variety of expressions. *smiley face*

Frodo yelling, "Speech!"

Click HERE for table of Frodo and Elijah Wood Screencaps.

~ Mechtild
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