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Link to post about our daughter's graduation from boot camp.


This post just provides a link to another LJ, one in which I post entries meant to be seen by family and friends who have nothing to do with my fan life. There is not a mention of Mechtild in it. I like to keep my two worlds separate.

A comparison of the number of entries in the two gives a reality check on my interests. My fandom journal, "Mechtild's", was started in 2005 and has 400 entries. My "real life" LJ was started in 2007 and has 10 entries (most of which are copied from this one, lol).

It's true that I've posted entries about our cats in this journal, although they've nothing to do with Tolkien or Frodo. But I figured enough people cared about pets to find such posts worth reading. I've posted a couple about our trips to HI and MT a few years back, because of the scenic photos, which many people enjoy seeing. I've featured our garden and seasonal pictures of this area, also because there are a number of people who like such things. But, as a rule, I don't post about my family and my personal life. But there's no reason I can't provide a link.

Since there are a few of you who read this journal I've talked to more personally--on LJ or in emails--I'm including a link to an entry I posted today about our trip to see our daughter graduate from the US Coast Guard's boot camp. I haven't f-locked the post because the people it's meant to be read by are unfamiliar with LJ. They are not registered users and thus cannot friend the journal.

Our fall months were consumed by our daughter's preparation to go through the enlistment process. She was constantly practicing for the battery of tests, written and physical, and we were taking her back and forth to the Cities for testing and interviews. In the middle of February, off she went to begin her eight weeks at boot camp. During that time she was practically incommunicado: no telephoning, no emailing, no nothing except snail mail letters--which they were only allowed to read and answer on Sunday mornings. As you may imagine, we were thrilled not only to see her graduate, but to see her, period.

Just because it makes me smile, here's a photo taken nearly twenty years ago of our daughter being cantankerous in my husband's arms.

She still hates posing for pictures, although she has learned to be more cooperative. ;)


~ Mechtild
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