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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Rivendell 15 ~ Bilbo’s Gifts IV: Bilbo’s remorse, plus jan-u-wine's Rivendell Suite Pt. 8.

Posted on 2009.03.03 at 10:51


mechtild at 2009-03-03 22:32 (UTC) (Link)
Also I can almost feel the cold air by reading the scene in the book about the cold and gloomy atmosphere outside when they can see burning fires and soft golden lights in the house. I will ever be glad not to be forced to swap place and situation with them, nor to be a part of their fellowship.

That's so well observed, Aredhelebenesse. It's true: it's cold and dark, night falling, when the Fellowship prepare to leave. How they all must long, with a deep longing, to stay there in Rivendell, in the light, in the warmth, in a safe truly *civilized* place. Instead they have to go out into the cold night -- a night in every way. Bilbo in that scene, huddled in a cloak, and silent, perhaps unable anymore to conjure up the slightest semblance of cheer, looks like the scene makes me feel -- dismal and shivery.

And again Jan's poem touched me very deeply! I always need a tissue when I read her works.

Me, too. :)
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