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New poem by jan-u-wine added to Riv. 8 (Council of Elrond Pt. 2).



An Announcement for jan-u-wine fans...

When planning the extensive Rivendell series, I had hoped to have a jan-u-wine poem to go with every part of it. For the Council of Elrond section, I did not get my wish. The Muse simply wouldn't cooperate. The Council of Elrond Pt. 2 (Riv. 8: 'Never trust an Elf!') went bare of a poem.

But last week the Muse again paid Jan a visit, the result being that I have posted a brilliant new poem, written from Aragorn's POV, to my entry.

Click here to read jan-u-wine's newest poem, Rivendell Suite 5.

~ Mechtild

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