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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

FotR Frodo caps: the "Awww..." look

Posted on 2005.11.06 at 22:05
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Here is a series of screen caps from Frodo and Gandalf’s cart scene at the opening of Fellowship....

I really love this little sequence. It is one of the few chances to see film Frodo as the sort of well-adjusted, good-natured, good-humoured young bachelor hobbit we meet at the beginning of LotR.

This scene happens right after we see the hobbit children bouncing up and down in the lane (including the one wearing the extremely unfortunate wig -- the white-haired one that looks part little Bo Peep and part barrister), calling to Gandalf for fireworks. Frodo gives Gandalf a plaintive, “Awww…” look (very plaintive); Gandalf weakens. Frodo’s pleasure shows itself in a slow little smile, that seems part amused wistfulness and part satisfaction (having gained his point).

Note: I would be posting these caps in my usual messageboard hang-out, Frodo’s Harem over at K-D, but they are having bandwidth issues. I feel like a cad, therefore, even posting the images I do in the thread, to illustrate posts. I am posting these here in my LJ, just as a way to look at them myself, really. It gives me immense pleasure to be able to scroll down the whole series. *sigh*

First, the "Awwww..." look....

Then comes the smile....


Click HERE for table of Frodo and Elijah Wood Screencaps.

~ Mechtild


golden_berry at 2005-11-07 15:19 (UTC) (Link)
*Sighs with you*
mechtild at 2005-11-07 16:32 (UTC) (Link)
That really is an exquisite series, isn't it? *inhales deeply*

I go down on my knees in thanksgiving to the screencapping gods for making such drooling possible. In the actual film such moments just flash by.
(Anonymous) at 2005-11-07 16:40 (UTC) (Link)
*joins your sighing and drooling*

Yes, that series is most exquiste. He looks so gracile and translucent, and yet not too "otherwordly".
I'm very grateful you've discovered a new hobby, Mechtild ;-)!

~ Whiteling
mechtild at 2005-11-07 16:51 (UTC) (Link)
Yes, "translucent," that's quite good. It's said of him quite a bit, but that "slow smile" sequence really manifests it.

I'm very grateful you've discovered a new hobby, Mechtild ;-)!

Oh, anything to continue procrastinating, putting off my writing. I just love immediate gratification. *guilty grin* But, thanks.
taerie at 2005-11-07 17:44 (UTC) (Link)

Oh please keep doing this!

I screen-captured this myself but missed a couple of really good ones that you didn't.
Sigh is definately the word.
Every second of the beginning.. when he is just this happy,(BEAUTIFUL!) untroubled and enthusiastic young hobbit is so.. well.. PRECIOUS to me is the only way I can think of to put it.. as hateful as that word has become. I was SO hoping that the extended version would give me more. As much as I like to stare at lots more scenes of drooling orcs (this is sarcasm.) I would have rather had extra footage of happy, laughing and untroubled hobbitage.. but that's just me.
mechtild at 2005-11-07 19:04 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Oh please keep doing this!

Yes, I would have liked more "happy Frodo", too. Actually the EE has less, not more, happy Frodo. I never saw the theatrical release in theaters, and only purchased the EE. But I can see there are moments in the theatrical that did not make it into the EE, once the extended "Concerning Hobbits" opening was added. I do think the EE is better, but I sure do miss seeing those Fro moments! With screencaps, I can have BOTH. Yippee!

You have screencaptures, too? Perhaps you might link them, if they are in a format that can be made available.
shelbyshire at 2005-11-08 00:17 (UTC) (Link)
Frodo smiles...I smile! Thanks, Mechtild. I am so behind in KD and here in LJ. But, I need to friend some of those from KD here so I can find you all easier. And the screencaps, I would love to see all that you do. I'm beginning to think I need to watch them again. I'm humming the Star Wars theme too much these days. Can someone give me a little "Friending 101". I found Ariel or she found me and it worked. Okay, I'll stop rambling.

mechtild at 2005-11-08 02:18 (UTC) (Link)
Howdy, Shelbyshire! I am pleased you are enjoying the screencaps. As you can tell, I never tire of looking at that hobbit. *blush*

Can someone give me a little "Friending 101".

The easy way to friend some one, I found out after a lot of misunderstandings, is to go to their "User Info" page, first.

Just so you can see what I mean, here's a link to Peachy's "User Info" page, just to refer to (or to friend her, of course).


After you click it open, look at the top of the screen. See the light blue hortizantal bar in the middle, with five icons in a row (l to r: a head, a paper, a heart, a magnifying glass, a gift)? If you click on the head on the left, it will identify itself as the "add a friend" button. Click it and it will take you to another window, asking if you want to add that user to your friends list. You click, "yes," and that's that.

Having said that, if someone clicks my "friend" button, I have to notice that their name has shown up on my list at the bottom of the User Info page, and then manually friend them back. I always then have to go to the upper menu bar on the LJ top, put my mouse cursor on "Manage", then click "Friends" when it appears. That takes me to a page where I can click an "edit friends" box. I click that box and it gives me a list of names on my friends list, with little boxes to click if I want to add or delete. I find the name of the person who has added me to their list and click their box, which that adds them as a friend when I click, "save changes".

I am sure there is an easier method but I don't know what it is. Sorry!

I will now go and click your "add to friend's list icon. *hug*
shelbyshire at 2005-11-08 04:00 (UTC) (Link)
I think it worked right. Thank you! I saved your directions just in case.

Happy capping!
mechtild at 2005-11-08 05:07 (UTC) (Link)
My pleasure, Shelbyshire. *smooch*
taerie at 2005-11-08 13:35 (UTC) (Link)


Mechtild, I went to my User Info page and also my edit friends page and You aren't there with a little box deal to check. So I guess it didn't take when you friended me or something. (I also tried dumping my internet cache to see if that helped but it didn't.) So I went to your page and friended you by clicking on the head. Hope I didn't mess anything up.
I am sooooo enjoying your fanfic story!
mechtild at 2005-11-08 14:44 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Friending

I saw your name on the list, went to "edit friends" and clicked your box. That should do it! I'me so pleased you are enjoying the fic, too.

Off to work!
taerie at 2005-11-08 23:14 (UTC) (Link)

The Fic

You wrote exactly the fic I wanted to read!!!!! Nothing too painful.. (At least so far.) But very very very fun to read. Oh how I love seeing Frodo happy. The sweetness of the initiation of Frodo was so perfect.. (and so hot my monitor was smoking..) that I had to re-read that part twice. I couldn't have wished for a lovelier story. (Well.. actually I COULD wish for a lovelier story.. but only if that was ME! LOL!) And she is my age!!! YES! The imagination goes wild.
Thank you.
mechtild at 2005-11-09 05:49 (UTC) (Link)

Re: The Fic

I am so pleased you are enjoying Threshold, taerie.

Nothing too painful.. (At least so far.)

Well, they're in the "honeymoon period," after all. But, no, I don't write gritty suspense or brooding melodrama. My Shire is the gossipy but very pleasant, verdant place that Gandalf enjoyed visiting for a relaxing holiday. There is psychological drama coming up, but, essentially, it's a love story; there is some humour and some tears, but mostly it's simply the story of two people falling in love and what that is like for them, in the context of their own world. I just wanted to seem as though it might have happened within canon, if Frodo had happened to have had such a chance. It's not finished, you know. I hope you won't be terribly disappointed that it takes me FOREVER to produce each new chapter. The next one is way off.

You say Rosamunda is your age? That makes you "in your prime." A reader complained to me that she didn't like this older woman deal. I informed her that, to me, Rosamunda was merely older than Frodo, not an "older woman." Heck, if I translated my own age into hobbit years, I could be her mother. When I was Rosa's age (in human years) -- my early thirties, that is -- I was never better looking or more attractive. But that was a couple of decades ago. *limp limp* Still, the age difference isn't everyone's cup of tea. I thought it would work well in the canon story, since I needed a heroine whom he didn't marry and with whom he sired no children (I am a firm believer in the notion that Tolkien made Frodo childless intentionally, not just so he'd be free for the Quest, but to accentuate that what Frodo left as his legacy to his people -- and to us, his people in spirit -- was his story, the Great Tale, not a biological child.)

Golly, it's great to be back home and able to read my mail!
taerie at 2005-11-09 17:58 (UTC) (Link)

Re: The Fic

Don't apologize for taking a long time. You are weaving a lovely and skillful yarn. I can see that I am going to go back and visit your fic many times anyway.. and I know what is looming up in his future and I would like to draw this out.
I like to think Frodo had a life between the lines. I like to dream it anyway. I want it for him so much.
I meant her age in HUMAN years. LOL. I can still dream can't I?
I like how you made him so earthy and his tastes run to an armful of female. It could happen! Lots of fic have younger women in it. Let the complainers go elsewhere. Fortunately for me THIS one is so skillfully written.. and I believe that it only COULD be written by a woman who has lived and observed.
You touched on a subject at the end of your comment that I have to admit something about. I agree fully with what you said about Tolkien's intent and the meaning of it. The Great Tale is beautiful.. and I appreciate it's beauty. But if Tolkien and I were the only two people in the world.. I would try to find a way to make him change it. My own personal weirdness is that imaginary characters often become too real for me emotionally for me to care much about meaning. Like I would if Frodo was a real person I would chuck all of that in a hot second if it came between his happiness and him getting everything and THEN him and Sam going to Valinor. Healing,A wife to love him, children, grandchildren.. many more Bagginses to scandalize the Shire.. Sam not having his heart broken like that. I admit it! That's what I wanted. and still want. My heart refuses to appreciate any meaning to it. It's heresy but there it is. I have tried to argue but I seem to just be made that way. I at least wanted to go along and see him be healed.. see him being alright and happy again for a while before the end. I know that would have messed up meaning too.. but Confusticate and Bebother that. :-) (And just after writing about how much I love beauty too.)

mechtild at 2005-11-10 03:12 (UTC) (Link)

Re: The Fic

I like how you made him so earthy and his tastes run to an armful of female.

My own vision of Frodo is as a very "normal" straight male, sexually. But, agreeing with Pearl, an insightful poster on K-D and TORc, book Frodo seems to have a "mother-shaped emptiness" or hole inside him. She was talking about how Tolkien gave him larger-than-life (and larger-than-him) women in the story to rouse his mind and heart, inspiring, guiding and comforting him: Goldberry, Galadriel and Arwen. Behind them all, Pearl pointed out, was the Vala Elbereth, who was his shadowy patroness. I wouldn't call the hole in Frodo "mother-shaped," though, like Pearl did, though I know what she means. I would call it "Woman-shaped", using the capital W. "Woman" as in the Great Woman, the archetypical female that get fleshed out as mothers and goddesses and lovers -- women who loom large in the lives of heroes, for their good.

That was the sort of woman I imagined Frodo falling for, and into. A woman in whom the Woman could be glimpsed. That is why I made her just about his size, not a little thing. I wanted her to have the sort of body he could fling himself on, knowing she wouldn't break. Soft, rich, luxurious, but strong and resilient; he could be safe with her, and safe in her. He could take her breasts or buttocks in his hands and they would be filled. I wanted Frodo to have in her a sense of plenty, or having as much as he wanted, of being completely satisfied. I suppose I wanted him to be able to have in her all the woman he could ever want, as if to compensate for all the women he never had.

I pictured Frodo as a male who loved women, loved them from childhood -- their smell, their feel, the sounds of their voices, the sensate pleasure of being held in their arms or dandled on their laps. I imagined Frodo would be a boy whom women would love, too, personified by Pansy the nurse, who teases but dotes on him. They would love him not just because he was beautiful to look at, but because he was love-ly. A boy who clearly enjoyed and revelled in their woman-ness. Boy or man, I picture Frodo as a male who is responsive to them. A responsive male is, in my opinion, charming. A beautiful responsive male is irresistible.

One of the things I have seen in myself since I fell for film-Frodo is, ironically my femaleness. He is so male -- not macho, but male -- he seems to just call it forth. I have let that be part of my fanfic version of Frodo, too. I have begun my story while he is so young because, in the book, Frodo doesn't project much of all this when we meet him in depth as the time of the Quest. If he had had a sense of it, he seems to have put it behind him, or, at least, out of sight. So, I have got him when he was still young, still open to love, full of the easily aroused, ardent sexuality most males have before they learn to be more guarded and circumspect.

Gawd, I've been blabbing! I never addressed the matter of how fans wish Frodo had had a normal life and, especially, had sired a child to come after him. There are some good fics that imagine a child for Frodo, but you probably know all about those. My fic will address this issue, because it is compelling for me, too, but I address it according to the context of my story's world.
taerie at 2005-11-10 04:22 (UTC) (Link)

Re: The Fic

That is so sweet! Thanks for being so nice to my Frodo. :-) I know that not everybody is.
I am loving him getting some fulfillment here.. and a little pleasure (Okay.. a LOT of it! That is all to the good!
I so enjoyed that sweet beginning for him. And that it was maxed out by a gentle woman who knew what she was doing.
You say some REALLY great things about your image of Frodo as a beautiful, responsive male and what is going on inside him. I think you very much succeeded in expressing it in your story.. from the sleeping little boy seeking a mother's comfort to the masterful lover he becomes later.
I really can't say that I have read a lot of fanfic. But I have read it a long time.. (Starting back in the old STAR trek days!) I did a LOT of fanzine illos at one time and obviously had to read those. (Not so much Trek as other stuff.)
Anyway, what I meant to say here again that this is a remarkably well thought out and skillful story. I look forward to seeing it develop. (But again, Take your time! I certainly am in no hurry for Frodo's future to happen. I want this part of his life to last a long time.

lembas_junkie at 2005-11-08 03:30 (UTC) (Link)
ooOOOOoooh, I just *LOVE* this screen cap, I always have! :) That's the face I used for Fro's tuxedo shot last year too, hee hee! :D Mech, this is great; you're our new Screencap Queen! AND, you know just the right shots to get!

*fidgets from one foot to the next in anticipation of Fro and Gandy's EE footage of their talk outside Moria...Oi!, what a face!*


mechtild at 2005-11-08 03:42 (UTC) (Link)
Hi, Lembas!

Oh, Moria is a LONG way off. I think I know the shots you mean, Frodo's hood is drawn up in a saintly manner. Ereshkigal called those his, "Virgin Mary" screencaps, LOL.
lembas_junkie at 2005-11-08 04:41 (UTC) (Link)
Yes, those are the ones! :D By the way - like my new little picture beside my name? *wiggles eyebrows*

Lembas :)
lembas_junkie at 2005-11-08 04:43 (UTC) (Link)
I made one for you, too! :) I'll email it to you.
mechtild at 2005-11-08 05:08 (UTC) (Link)
You made me a copy of your new bondage icon? Woo hoo! I love it! It wasn't there before, though, was it? How could I have missed it?????? I thought the cool sunglasses pic was your icon.
mariole at 2005-11-28 18:29 (UTC) (Link)
More of those glowy eyes. *sigh*

I view this Frodo as the pure, "before" Frodo. He's lovely, but innocent, untroubled (except by minor worrying about Gandalf)-- and he may never have been more than this is the Ring hadn't come along. This is the gold before it was poured into the crucible. I love and mourn when I see these scenes.
mechtild at 2005-11-28 21:06 (UTC) (Link)
Oooh, I loved that: "gold before it was poured into the crucible." Shees, I'm going to have a weepy spell in a moment. *sigh*
mariole at 2005-11-29 00:53 (UTC) (Link)
Why should you be the only one?
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